How Much Weight Does a Paramedic Lift?

While a working paramedic needs to be strong, fit and in shape, a lot of people often wonder exactly how much weight a medic is expected to lift once they get on the job.  And depending on the circumstance a paramedic encounters, the answer may differ.

There may be times when a paramedic needs to lift a patient onto a stretcher.  Other times, an accident scene may call for a paramedic to pull a patient away from a dangerous area, or help move an unconscious or even pregnant patient to or from an ambulance.

Ambulance services know this, which is why in job ads, you will often see listed strength and conditioning requirements a potential employee must meet.

These requirements may vary slightly from company to company, but oftentimes, it’s expected that a paramedic be able to do the following:

·  Demonstrate the ability to be able to lift a patient weighing 200 lbs onto a stretcher with assistance.

·  Demonstrate the ability to move a patient weighing 200 lbs from a bed to a stretcher with assistance.

·  Demonstrate the ability to move a patient weighing 200 lbs up a flight of stairs and down a flight of stairs with assistance.

Remember that a paramedic doesn’t just need to be able to push, pull, or lift patients, but also be capable of handling heavy equipment too–especially when lugging it to and from an ambulance or fire truck.  While stethoscopes and trauma shears are obviously light in weight, paramedics must also handle larger equipment, like a cardiac monitor/defibrillator.

So while it’s always a good idea to keep your mind mentally sharp in the classroom, you’ll also want to stay physically fit outside the paramedic program, as well.

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