How to Become a Firefighter Paramedic

The career of firefighter paramedic combines the skills of a firefighter and paramedic into one valuable and yet demanding position in order to increase survival rates and efficiency in fire departments.

Firefighter paramedics are often the first to arrive on the scene of a fire, traffic accident or a multitude of other threatening emergencies. In general, the duties for this position involve putting out fires and responding to medical emergencies, though much more goes into the daily life of a paramedic in this career field. Each day on the job will be different and can include such actions as:

  • Rescuing trapped individuals during a fire
  • Treating injured victims in traffic accidents, fires and other dangerous circumstances
  • Providing on hand assistance during an emergency situation
  • Working alongside other rescue teams following a major disasters such as hurricanes, tornados or earth quakes
  • Conduct search and rescues

Individuals interested in the position should look into the detailed job descriptions available from many sources online in order to fully understand the type of career they are pursuing.

Paramedics in a firehouse work as a team alongside other firefighters and medical teams under the supervision of a superior officer. Depending on the specific firehouse that the paramedic may apply, the position may require revolving shifts in which the professional will live part-time in the actual firehouse where they will assist in daily functions such, as cooking for the team and cleaning.

Become a Firefighter Paramedic

The way in which a professional will receive their training depends greatly on the particular station in which they apply. In some cases the station will require prior certification and medical training before applying and will train the individual in classes on the aspects of being a firefighter.

Other stations may allow the new recruit up to one year to complete the medical certifications after they have been hired. It is important that each professional do research into the specifics of the station in which they plan to apply in order to understand their policies for training and certification.

According to the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), there are several requirements that a potential professional must meet for consideration in the career field. The requirements will vary according to the state and specific station in which they are applying. General requirements may be found online through helpful websites such as and include such aspects as:

Degree Level Requirements- For a firefighter it is commonly a high school diploma but the paramedic aspect will require at least a postsecondary degree. Paramedics may complete an Associate’s Degree as a minimum requirement.

Specific Degree Fields Accepted- This may include such degrees as Fire Science, Firefighter-Paramedic, and Firefighter-Emergency Medical Services. Other states may accept the basic EMT or Paramedic Certifications combined with in-station training.

Required Licenses or Certifications- This may include a state license for EMT or Paramedics

Skills- a wide range of skills will be required that are obtained through a combination of classroom training and on-the-job experience. Professionals will need to acquire the appropriate amount of paramedic skills from classroom training in order to be considered.

Apply for a Paramedic Position with a Fire Station

Are you ready to become a paramedic firefighter?

There are several key steps that should be completed before the individual begins the application process at any fire station. Proper preparation is essential for landing a rewarding career in the profession and becoming an asset to the community. In order to assure that the professional is ready for application, the following steps should be completed:

Begin by researching the specific stations that the individual intends to apply for in order to fully understand their requirements

Assure that the individual meets basic requirements which includes being at least the age of 18, holding a high school diploma or GED equivalent and a basic drivers license

Receive the proper educational requirements through a University or Community College offering the required degrees. There are many respected colleges across the U.S and a complete list of the 20 most popular schools for paramedic and EMT degrees can be found online at

Once courses are completed, the individual should prepare for the NREMT examination by studying the paramedic test questions and drug cards also available online. The certification is a requirement of most fire stations across the U.S

Finding Firefighter Paramedic Jobs

Once the minimum requirements have been met, the professional should expect a rigorous application process that will include several aspects of testing. Though the application process may vary depending on the station’s preferences, the general process will include such steps as:

The process will commonly begin with submitting an application and a brief preliminary interview to assure the minimum requirements in education and certifications have been met in advance

Applicants will then be asked to complete a physical examination to assure that they are in proper shape and able to complete some of the more rigorous tasks involved in the position. These tasks can include carrying heavy fire equipment, climbing ladders that may stretch more than two stories above ground and an ability to carry an average sized victim that cannot walk to safety

Basic Aptitude testing is also common among fire stations to assure the individual has the correct amount of problem solving abilities and in some cases may test the applications knowledge of medical procedure

A more in-depth follow up interview may be the final step in the process where the interviewer will spend some time getting to the know the applicant personally and professionally

Once hired into a position, the new recruit can expect an ongoing learning process through extensive training and continued education as new technologies and procedures are discovered and progress. It is essential that a paramedic-firefighter stay informed to new life-saving techniques and procedures in order to continue serving the community for years to come.

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