How to Use EMT Practice Tests to Pass the NREMT Exam

The key to passing any exam is to know what to expect and then to prepare for it. This certainly holds true for EMT course students who are preparing to take the NREMT examination. Because every student learns differently, it is important to consider several options for effective studying and exam preparation. This article will provide an overview of the NREMT exam and a handful of preparation methods that can help students excel at exam time.

If you’re serious about passing the NREMT exam, you can find online EMT and Paramedic practice tests that will try to help you pass the examination on your first attempt.  Just visit EMT-National-Training today for more information.

The Exam

Gone are the days of pen and paper tests, so there’s no need to sharpen any No. 2 pencils in preparation of the NREMT. The National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians examination is a highly technical and sophisticated Computer Adaptive Test that is administered at a workstation in a Pearson VUE testing facility.

The value of each test question is weighted in correlation to the difficulty level of the question using Item Response Theory which tailors each exam specifically and logically to the ability of each student and his or her probability of answering the question correctly in this algorithm-delivered exam.

The difficulty of each question will increase as long as the student is answering the questions correctly, however if the student begins to miss questions, the questions will become less difficult until the student begins answering questions correctly again. The exam algorithm is designed to pinpoint a student’s weakest area of knowledge and determine whether or not the student is truly competent in this area by continuing to pose questions on this subject until the student has proven or disproven competency.

The exam will end when the computer detects that the student is either 95% certain that the student is above or below the passing level. The computer must be 95% certain of your competency in each category for a student to pass the exam.

The current NREMT exam tests students in the following five categories:

  • Airway, Ventilation, & Oxygenation
  • Trauma
  • Cardiology
  • Medical
  • Operations
Pass Your NREMT Exam On The First Attempt

The NREMT exam is designed to prove that students truly understand the material that they were taught during their EMT courses, not that they know how to memorize a specific list of questions or statistics. Therefore, questions on the NREMT examination are not based upon specific textbooks. For this reason, many students find it beneficial to study from a number of resources written by a variety of authors.

A committee of EMS experts composed the questions on the NREMT examination with approximately 85% of the questions relating to adults and 15% relating to children in one of the five categories mentioned above. This committee worked hard to ensure that there is only one best answer for every test question reflecting National EMS Educational Standards. CPR, shock, diabetic emergencies, and other fundamental topics make up a good portion of the test questions.

Another large segment of the test is comprised of questions pertaining to operations including NIMS and ICS operations. You will also be tested on the material covered in the current American Heart Association’s Guidelines for Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation and Emergency Cardiovascular Care.

  • To properly prepare, you can receive online EMT practice tests so that you can hopefully be ready to pass the NREMT exam on your first attempt!

More information about what to expect on the NREMT examination can be found here.


In addition to their EMT course book, students have access to a wide selection of study materials that they can utilize in preparing for the NREMT examination. Both free and paid study materials are available but students will find that purchasing online software or access to online study programs are the most beneficial because of the money back guarantee that accompanies them.

An application fee of $80 is charged each time the NREMT exam is attempted. If a student fails the exam after purchasing a money back guaranteed program, their program fees will be reimbursed and then they will need to pay the application fee of $80 again when they take the exam a second time. Companies who offer a money back guarantee have much to lose if students fail the exam and therefore they tend to be thoroughly exhaustive in their scope of study materials.

Students who rely on free or inexpensive materials in preparation for the exam will not be refunded for their material fees if they fail the exam and are not guaranteed that the materials they have selected to study will provide thorough preparation for the NREMT exam.

One Stop Shopping

While dozens of websites exist that offer NREMT exam study suggestions, the incredibly inclusive website, EMT National Training, is a resource worth visiting. One of the most thorough NREMT prep websites, this website offers exam prep software for EMR, EMT, AEMT, and Paramedic exams with a money back guarantee. Software includes proven study guides, practice tests, and simulation exams for a reasonable fee.

Exam Creation– The above mentioned EMT National Training website allows users to create personalized practice exams that will test and refresh students’ understanding of material. Students can create an EMT practice test over specific categories or a mixture of all areas.

Automatic Grading – Exams are instantly graded upon completion and incorrect answers get more than just a red X. All incorrect answers are accompanied by explanations of why the answers were wrong along with the correct answers so that students can learn from their mistakes.

NREMT Simulation – Questions come one at a time in the timed exam simulation which adds a little pressure to test questions to give students an experience similar to taking the actual NREMT. This practice not only prepares students for the material that they will be tested over but also the manner in which they will be tested.

Practical Skills Sheets– The practical portion of the NREMT is often overlooked. It is imperative that students take the time to review these protocols and to know what will be expected of them. A complete set of EMT-B practical skills sheets can be found here.

In addition to the study materials that are listed above, EMT National Training offers links to online courses, sample tests, information about the NREMT exam, and other practice exams. 

Pass Your NREMT Exam On The First Attempt

Study Guides

Good, old fashioned, printed study guides can be easy, portable study tools that refresh students’ memories of the material they learned in class. However, it is best not to rely solely on these guides as they tend to lead to memorizing answers instead of understanding concepts and methods. For this reason, study guides should be used in conjunction with other study materials, but they certainly make a great resource to grab when students are on the go.

Online Training Videos

Training videos are a great resource for visual learners preparing to take an EMT exam and many can be accessed free of charge on various EMS related websites. Videos can be found to teach students proper techniques, how to interact with patients and families, and how to use the latest medical equipment to hit the market.

All of this information can become overwhelming, so it is important for NREMT preppers to focus their attention to videos that will help them understand the skills they will be expected to demonstrate successfully in the NREMT examination. 

Online Quizzes

As mentioned previously, the NREMT does not pose questions that were written from any specific EMT course curriculum. While many online sites and EMT software companies offer a broad spectrum of potential test questions, no one site offers the exact questions that will be on the exam.

For this reason, it is wise for students to take practice quizzes from multiple sources to ensure that they have a true comprehension of the subject matter and not just the ability to memorize study materials. Online quizzes can be found for free or for minimal fees or in conjunction with costlier products.

A few trusted online sources for practice quizzes are:


It may sound old school, but a great deal of information can still be learned by picking up a book and digesting the information inside. Practice test books and flashcard study systems can be purchased online or in book stores, ranging from a few dollars to a significant investment.

These items may seem cumbersome and out dated to millennials, however many students find these resources to be practical and efficient tools for studying. While a quick search online can locate dozens of NREMT practice books, finding quality material that has been tried and tested and rewarded with great reviews can be a bit more challenging.

Two products that come with high praise are:

The EMT Basic Exam Review by Kristen M. Elling contains 1500 questions in 33 chapters and comes with a CD-ROM containing practice exams and explanations with each answer.

EMT Basic Exam Flashcard Study System by Mometrix offers 205 pages of spaced repetition, in-depth study material teaching students to dissect and quickly solve study test questions.

Study Buddies

Studying with a trusted friend or classmate can make the NREMT preparation process more enjoyable but studying with an online instructor backed with a money back guarantee can prove to be very profitable for EMT students.

The Medical Study Buddy website offers students the opportunity to interact with an instructor in five 90 minute study sessions just prior to taking their NREMT exam.

Pass Your NREMT Exam On The First Attempt

Passing or Failing the Exam

Students can expect to find their exam results on the NREMT website within 1 to 2 business days. Passing students will then receive their registration card and paperwork in the mail within two weeks. They will also receive information regarding the process of renewing their license in two years.

Students who do not pass the exam will receive a detailed report explaining their competency in each area of the exam. The phrases “above passing”, “near passing”, and “below passing” are used to indicate a student’s performance in each category, letting students know which areas they need to review before taking the exam again.

Most EMT students pass the NREMT within the first two tries, but a third try is available for those who don’t. If a student does not pass on the third try, he or she will be required to participate in 24 hours of remedial training before attempting the exam for the fourth, fifth, and sixth time. Students who fail the exam six times must complete another EMT course before they are eligible to apply for the NREMT exam again.

After months of training, studying, and mentally preparing to crush the NREMT examination, there is nothing like receiving a shiny registration card in the mail to remind a student of the significance of his or her accomplishment. EMTs are the first line of defense in a medical emergency.

The responsibility of holding another’s life in your hands is a weighty one and EMTs rise to this challenge every day. With the right training and study preparation, taking and passing the NREMT is just the first step in becoming that critical link between an emergency and a happy ending.

If you’re ready to take and pass the NREMT exam, you can find online EMT and Paramedic practice tests that will attempt to prepare you to pass the examination on your very first attempt.  Just visit EMT-National-Training today for more information!

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