Paramedic Salary in Idaho

If you’re interested in becoming a paramedic, then its expected you’ll want and need to know detailed information about paramedic salary in Idaho.  And while some may believe that searching for paramedic pay means one is interested in the job solely for money, most paramedic students know that nobody becomes a paramedic for the salary numbers.

In short, becoming a paramedic won’t make you rich.  But the salary of a paramedic can certainly support your lifestyle, allowing you to live a healthy and happy life.

So how much does a paramedic make in Idaho?  Well, let’s take a closer look.

First, it’s important to note that paramedic salary varies based on a wide variety of factors, namely the region one works, the experience one has, and the actual job title one holds.  While most people know that a paramedic makes more than an EMT, a flight medic or fire fighter paramedic is a different kind of job, and thus has different pay rates.

Some licensed paramedics decide to go back to school and take the Paramedic to RN bridge program, allowing them to fulfill their dreams of becoming a Registered Nurse.  So not only can paramedic salary differ, the job of a paramedic can lead to further opportunities in the medical field.

Paramedic Salary in Idaho

Before we get into any specific numbers when it comes to paramedic salary in Idaho, it’s best to cover a few important national statistics.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), EMTs and paramedics earn an annual average salary of $34,030.  On, that number is a little higher for paramedics specifically, averaging out to $38,347.  That salary figure equates to a monthly pay of $3,196, a weekly pay of $737, and an hourly wage of $18.44.

When it comes to both EMTs and paramedics in regards to employment levels, Ambulatory Health Care Services top the list with 110,330.  Local Government comes after that with 69,290, followed by General Medicine and Surgical Hospitals with 38,180, Other Support Services with 1,640, and finally Offices of Physicians with 1,610.

Salary of a Paramedic in ID

Using as our guide, let’s see how the salaries for EMTs, paramedics, and flight medics compare in the largest cities in Idaho (by population).

In Boise, EMTs make $28,545 every year.  Paramedics make an average of $36,187 per year.  And flight medics make $38,717 annually.

In Idaho Falls, EMTs earn $24,411 annually.  Paramedics earn $30,946.  And flight paramedics make $33,110 in yearly income.

In Pocatello, an EMT makes $24,319 in salary.  Paramedic salary equals about $30,829, while a flight paramedic salary is $32,985.

In Caldwell, EMTs make $28,472 per year.  Paramedics earn $36,094 each year.  And a flight paramedic pulls in $38,618 annually.

And in Coeur D’Alene, EMTs make $30,003. Paramedic salary is $38,034 annually.  And a flight paramedic salary makes $40,694 every year.

Paramedic Jobs in Idaho

If you’re currently looking for a paramedic job in Idaho, it’s recommended that you visit our job board.  There, you can search for hospitals and ambulatory services that are looking to hire educated and trained paramedics.

Based on the paramedic salary average from, paramedics in Idaho seem to make about the national average estimate or less, depending on the region of the state in which they work.  If you’re a working paramedic in Coeur D’Alene or Caldwell, you’ll make about the natural average.

Unfortunately, for paramedics working in Boise, Pocatello, or Idaho Falls (along with Nampa and Meridian which had similar numbers to Boise), you’ll likely be paid less than the national average.

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