Paramedic Salary in Vermont

If you’re interested in discovering more about paramedic salary in Vermont, you’re come to the right place.  In this article, we’ll reveal how much paramedics make in several Vermont cities, as well as contrasting those numbers with the annual income for EMTs and flight paramedics, too.

So how much does a paramedic make in Vermont?  Let’s delve deeper and take a look.

Paramedic Salary in Vermont

Before we begin, it must be noted that paramedic salary can change based on a variety of factors.  One of the biggest factors is the region in which one works.  Simply put, the location a paramedic works in is vital to one’s annual income, as certain areas of the country tend to pay their paramedics more than Middle America or the south.  This fluctuation usually falls in line with the cost of living in certain locations throughout America.  So while a paramedic may earn more on the east or west coast, for example, their cost of living is often higher than that of Middle America or those that live down south.

Salary numbers can also vary based on where you work, along with the actual job title.  Paramedics who work in the public sector are paid differently than those working in the private sector.  And those who have more advanced training and education (such as a firefighter paramedic or flight paramedic) earn more annually than an ambulance paramedic, as well.

Some licensed paramedics may even elect to go back to school and take the Paramedic to RN bridge program, which allows them to work towards becoming a Registered Nurse.  All of these varying jobs that relate to or branch off from the role of a paramedic can affect one’s annual income.

Now before we get into any specific numbers when it comes to paramedic salary in Vermont, let’s quickly cover a few important national statistics.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), EMTs and paramedics earn an annual average salary of $34,030.  On, that number is a little higher for paramedics specifically, averaging out to $38,347.  That salary figure equates to a monthly pay of $3,196, a weekly pay of $737, and an hourly wage of $18.44.

When it comes to both EMTs and paramedics in regards to employment levels, Ambulatory Health Care Services top the list with 110,330.  Local Government comes after that with 69,290, followed by General Medicine and Surgical Hospitals with 38,180, Other Support Services with 1,640, and finally Offices of Physicians with 1,610.

How Much Do Paramedics Make in Vermont

Using as our guide, let’s see how the salaries for EMTs, paramedics, and flight medics compare in the largest cities in Vermont (by population).

In Burlington, EMTs make $29,593 every year.  Paramedics make an average of $37,515 per year.  And flight medics make $40,139 annually.

In South Burlington, EMTs earn $29,593 annually.  Paramedics earn $37,515.  And flight paramedics make $40,139 in yearly income.

In Rutland, EMTs make $29,670 every year.  Paramedics make an average of $37,612 per year.  And flight medics make $40,242 annually.

In Barre, EMTs make $29,513 every year.  Paramedics make an average of $37,413 per year.  And flight medics make $40,029 annually.

In Montpelier, EMTs make $29,580 per year.  Paramedics earn $37,499 each year.  And a flight paramedic pulls in $40,121 annually.

Paramedic Jobs in Vermont

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As you can see, there’s no city in the state of Vermont that pays its paramedics more than the national average (according to  Still, while the annual income doesn’t meet the national average, it sure comes close.  Paramedics are paid a livable wage in Vermont, which is something prospective medics are most concerned with when it comes to discovering how much money paramedics earn in VT.

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